A Humble Bundle Of Mojam Sandwiches

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Another day, and another offer from the folks of the Humble Indie Bundle. This one is very ujnique however, as they have teamed up with Minecraft creators Mojang who will be livestreaming their efforts to create a game from scratch in sixty hours!

This time, all of the proceeds will be going to charity – you can still choose how to split it between the charities (Child’s Play, Electronic Frontier Foundation, charity:water, and American Red Cross) however.

Plus if the proceeds of the Humble Bundle Mojam exceeds $1,000,000 (one million dollars), then Markus Persson (aka notch) will shave off his beard!

At time of writing, there is over 56 hours left (2 days 8 hours), so be sure to visit HumbleBundle.com, make your purchase(s), and watch the creation efforts on the live stream.