Feeling Lucky? It’s Time For Humble Indie Bundle 7

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The folks over at the Humble Bundle are at it yet again, as it’s time for the Humble Indie Bundle 7. On offer on this occasion are Snapshot, The Binding Of Isaac (+ DLC), Closure, documentary Indie Game: The Movie, and Shank 2, plus Dungeon Defenders (+ DLC) and Legends Of Grimrock for those who pay more than the average (currently $6.38).

Also included are Steam keys, and the soundtracks (including one for Indie Game: The Movie) in FLAC and MP3 formats.

If you don’t know the drill by now, it’s very simple. You choose the amount you want to pay, and then you choose how it is split between developers, charity (EFF and Child’s Play), and Humble Bundle themselves.

Ready to purchase? Then go ahead and do so at HumbleBundle.com in the next 13 days 10 hours.