Would You Like Another Mojam Sandwich?

Posted by Firefly in Gaming |  

For the second year running, Mojang and a number of other developers have teamed up to spend the next 78 hours (74 at time of writing) creating games from scratch, with the end results being available to those purchasing the Humble Bundle Mojam 2.

For anyone familiar with past Humble Bundles, the distribution of the proceeds is only slightly different than the regular ones, as although you are able to choose how the proceeds of your purchase are distributed between the groups, the only groups benefiting it will be charities (in this case Block By Block and Electronic Frontier Foundation) and not the developers or Humble Bundle project themselves.

While the “Mojam” is in progress, you can access a live stream showing exactly what the developers themselves are doing at that point in time, so be sure to check it out and purchase at HumbleBundle.com.