Humble Monthly Bundle: December 2015 Revealed

Posted by Firefly in Gaming |  

The second Monthly bundle from Humble Bundle has been unlocked, and the games have been revealed as Banished, Rust (Early Access Game), Chroma Squad, NEON STRUCT (Deluxe Edition), Company of Heroes 2 (with separate DLC keys for The British Forces, The Western Front Armies: US Forces and The Western Front Armies: Oberkommando West) and PAYDAY 2 (with separate DLC keys for The Big Bank Heist, Gage Mod Courier, Gage Assault Pack and Dragan Character Pack).

Checking the Humble Monthly page now shows that January’s bundle will give a bonus unlock of PAYDAY 2 + DLC for those who subscribe (for the first time) before it is set to unlock on 1st January 2016 (the first Friday of the month).

You can find out more information about Humble Monthly via the Humble Bundle Support page, and can subscribe to it at