The Humble Indie Bundle Is Back For Thirds!

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If you haven’t heard of the Humble Indie Bundle from it’s previous two offers, it allows you to pay the amount you want for a set of PC games for various Operating Systems, and that are not only DRM free, but usually also include source code. You can also choose how the money gets split (so it could be some to charity and some to the developers, all to charity, all to developers etc.), though if you choose to pay the absolute minimum possible, it will get eaten up entirely by PayPal’s fee and not actually reach anyone.

If that’s not enough, not only can you download the games from the site, but you also get a key to insert into Steam if you prefer to use that, or Desura.

According to Kotaku, the deal goes live from 9.30AM PST today at See the video below for more details.

Update: The deal is now live, and although it doesn’t include the source code for three of the games – Trine, Shadowgrounds, or Shadowgrounds: Survivor – (or four if you include Splot, which is still under development), it does include the Soundtrack to each of those three games. Also included in addition to the above mentioned Steam and Desura keys, is the Trine key for OnLive (though unused OnLive keys expire in six months, and requires a valid US or Canadian credit card in your OnLive account).

You have 14 days to take advantage of this before it’s gone!