Old Spice Guy Responds On Twitter With Hilarious Personalised Videos

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If you’re familiar with Old Spice, then you’re going to want a piece of this. The shirtless Old Spice Guy is on Twitter (@OldSpice), and he’s responding to as many people as he can with hilarious personalised videos.

Even actress Alyssa Milano got a response for Retweeting about him doing this (multiple responses in fact, the first of which is below), as did fellow Charmed cast member Rose McGowan who was replying to Alyssa’s tweet.

Unable to resist trying it out for ourselves, we have sent him a Tweet asking him if he worries that he’s not being taken seriously, so will update this post if we get a response.

[Via TheNextWeb]

Update (15th July): Unfortunately we never got a personalised response, and he has now stopped doing them, but here is his last one addressed to everyone.